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Welcome to Kahikatea Farm, a 16 acre farm designed according to 'permaculture' principles. At Kahikatea Farm we are growing our soils, growing a food forest, growing our children and their future. We are growing our knowledge, and growing our community. In our nursery we grow over 200 varieties of certified organic vegetable seedlings, edible and medicinal herbs, companion plants, flowers, shrubs and trees. Read more... Whether you have an apartment balcony, an urban garden, a lifestyle block or a large farm we can supply top quality, site-specific plants plus advice on how and where to plant.  We also run gardening, permaculture and food forest workshops and courses, and provide consultancy services.

Sea Buckthorn Orders

sea buckthorn

If you ordered Sea Buckthorn plants for the 2016 season these are ready now and we are in the process of contacting everyone who ordered to arrange delivery. If you have not heard from us or if you want to go on the waiting list for the 2017 season please email Jo. Please note we have sold out for 2016.



Spot the Apple Tree!

apple espalier

Can you see our apple espalier in amongst the spring chaos?! It's flowering well and looking to produce its first crop, with two layers well established. The top is sprouting, ready for me to train into the third layer next year. The 'chaos' is the understorey planting which aims to mimic the different layers of a forest system, essentially a complex form of companion planting.  We have garlic chives, day lilies, phacelia, sorrel, alyssum, nasturtiums, calendula, basil mint, wild fennel and more. These are all support species in different ways - attracting beneficial insects, repelling unwanted critters, cycling nutrients and providing us with food and medicine. In total the space required is about 1.5 metres long by 60cm deep - easily done in almost any garden. Minimal space and minimal work. All the understorey species except phacelia can be found on our website. We do not list apple trees in our catalogue but do occasionally have some varities available - do ask.

Come and see our plants!

otane marketSee us at the Otane market at Otane Hall in Central Hawke's Bay from 9am to 1pm on the first Sunday of each month. [Please note the market itself runs every Sunday all year round, I just choose to spend the other Sundays with my kids:) ] Come down for a fantastic village atmosphere with stalls inside the hall and outside under the mature shady trees. Preserves, olive oil, cheese, meat, eggs, loads of fresh fruit and veg, bread from Harald's European bakery, arts, crafts, jewellery, home made beauty products and more - including our plants of course!