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Black Currant

Price: $ 22.00

Ribes nigrum

Unnamed variety of this small hardy deciduous shrub which has a disctinctive pleasant smell to its bark and leaves. Delicious edible black berries can be eaten raw or cooked and used in preserves, fruit leathers, wines etc. They are commonly juiced, and make good jam due to the high pectin content. They are extremely high in vitamin C, other nutrients and anti-oxidants. The leaves are also used to make a pleasant tea. Both leaves and berries have medicinal uses. Currants prefer a sandy or loamy soil and need good moisture, and a good annual application of compost or manure and mulch. We have found the plants themselves to be surprisingly drought-hardy, but the yield is accordingly low and currants less juicy. Fruit is primarily borne on one year old stems. When planting cut all stems back to two buds, thereafter prune about one third of the stems each year. Height to 1.8m. PB8. See also Red Currant.


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