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Lemon Balm

Price: $ 6.50

Melissa officinalis
Fresh chopped leaves impart a delicious lemon taste to salads, soups and stews and can be used in bulk. They also make a lovely refreshing tea on their own or added to china (black) tea.  Medicinally they are said to have a tonic effect and have traditionally been used for many other treatments including cold sores, colds and fever, digestive upsets in children and on insect bites.  The growing plant is said to repel flies and ants, but bees are attracted to the flowers, so it makes a great companion plant for the vege garden. The dried leaves can be used in pot pourris.  The plant accumulates phosphorus.  Pick leaves from spring to autumn.  Leaves may also be dried.  Perennial growing to height of 100cm.  Full sun, drought hardy. 9cm pot.

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