Borage (Blue)

Price: $ 5.00

Borago officinalis
Bright blue flowers attract bees and have a cucumber-like flavour.  Leaves contain calcium and potassium and can be finely chopped (to mitigate the rough texture) and added to salads along with the flowers.  They also make a delicious cooked green, either briefly boiled or sauteed. Keep plants well watered and feed with a nitrogen rich fertiliser if aiming for leaf production, and keep flower heads cut back. Some studies show borage can kill and inhibit the growth of cancer cells and there are many other medicinal claims for the plant, including beneficial effects on the mind and dispelling melancholy. An edible blue dye can also be made from the flowers. Said to accumulate calcium, silica and potassium. Height to 60cm. Available in single pots ($3) or punnets of 4 ($3.70).

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