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Mock Orange

Price: $ 24.00

Philadelphus lewisii 

Rounded deciduous shrub 1.5 - 3m. Ornamental with abundant and very aromatic flowers reminiscent of orange blossom in late spring – mid-summer. Don Burke (Burke’s Backyard) says “When you first experience the heady scent of philadelphus you could be forgiven for thinking you've gone to heaven!”. Suitable for most soil types including poor soils and heavy clay. Easy to grow. Very tolerant of pruning – prune one third of canes to the ground every year. Drought tolerant. Sun or part shade – flowering is prolific even in light or dappled shade. Frost hardy. Saponins in the leaves and flowers make an effective mild soap/lather for hands, clothes etc. Plant near a water tap in the garden and use to wash your hands!  Several medicinal uses.  Stems can be used for basket work and the hard, strong wood for tool handles.

Size PB8.  Approx height 70cm. Certified Organic Plant. Limited Stock


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