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Grape Niagra

Price: $ 15.00

Vitis labrusca

An american-bred grape and the source of most white grape juice, this is the leading green grape growin in the US. Plants are vigorous and the yellow-green fruit is of a good size and juicy, with a slightly musky aroma. It is predominately a table or juicing grape but can also be used to make wine or jam. The leaves of grape vines are edible and are well known in dishes such as the Greek dolmades (stuffed vine leaves). They can be used fresh, or dried or brined for storage and later use. The fruit also has medicinal uses, particularly as a detoxifier. The leaves can be used fresh or dried to make a yellow dye. Prunings can be used in basketry or other craft work such as wreaths. A useful climbing plant for the sunny edge of a food forest system or to make the most of vertical space in a small garden, and a productive plant for creating shade in summer but allowing light in winter as the vines are deciduous. PB8.

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