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Date Plum

Price: $ 38.00

Diospyros lotus

Deciduous tree related to the persimmon, and one of the oldest cultivated fruits. The tree grows to a height of around 9 metres, and the fruits are the size of a large cherry and delicious when fully ripe (otherwise astringent), with flavours of dates and plums. They can be eaten raw or cooked, or dried like dates. Both fruit and seeds are said to have medicinal uses. The trees are frost hardy once established, and indeed frosts may improve the flavour of the fruit, but may need some initial protection. Grown from seed and unsexed, but male and female required for fruit, so planting at least three is advised. $38 per plant or $100 for three.

More Diospyros species coming in 2019 - keep checking the website!

PB5 Approx 120cm high.  Limited stock. Certified Organic Plant.


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