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Turkish Hazel

Price: $ 35.00

Corylus colurna

The tallest of the hazels, reaching 20m at maturity, this deciduous tree comes from the area spanning south-west Asia and south-east Europe, including Turkey. It needs a little moisture in its first couple of years but thereafter is drought, frost, wind and heat tolerant, and will survive even in poor rocky soils. Unlike the European hazel, it does not sucker, and is often used as rootstock for European nut cultivars in orchards. Turkish hazels are strongly conical in shape with regular horizontal branches and make very good specimin trees. They are also excellent shade trees in spaces which have limited width at higher levels - they are widely used in street plantings for this reason, as well as for their ability to tolerate pollution. The grey-brown rough corky bark is very attractive throughout the year and the elegant long yellow catkins in spring and good yellow autumn foliage make for seasonal interest.

Nuts are smaller than the European Hazel but just as edible and tasty. Trees bear both male and female flowers and are self-fertile but probably produce better where more than one tree is planted. The nuts are produced in clusters of 3-8 fruits in a pretty funky-looking casing (see photo)! They can be eaten fresh or dried (they will keep for up to a year), or processed for oil. The timber can also be used for furniture or firewood.

Certified Organic Plant PB8 120/140

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