Peach Blackboy

Price: $ 18.00

Prunus persica

Seedling grown of inland Hawke's Bay provenance. Late season (March) variety with deep purple juicy flesh. Foodies wax lyrical about the deliciousness of these peaches. For example Helen Jackson has this to say: 'Dense yet burstingly tender crimson flesh gives way to indelible juiciness, and a flavour combining the finer points of plum, peach and the richest red wine.  The fragrance is heady, complex and intoxicating peachy.' Well, if that won't sell these trees, nothing will! 

Ours grow well even on clay soil, and we find they fruit after about 3 years - relatively early for an ungrafted variety. We also much prefer the natural tree shapes of ungrafted varieties. Freestone - easy to process for bottling. Height 3-4m.

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