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Solanum muricatum

South American fruit resembling a melon but related to the tomato.  Grows on a small bush with attractive flowers and fruit.  It is grown in a manner similar to its relatives, but grows naturally upright by habit and can be cultivated as a free-standing bush, though it is sometimes pruned on trellises. Additionally, supports are sometimes used to keep the weight of the fruit from pulling the plant down. It has a fast growth rate and bears fruit within 4 to 6 months after planting.  Requires sun, shelter and moisture. The crop also adapts well to greenhouse cultivation, training the plants up to 2 m tall, and obtaining yields that are 2-3 times larger than those obtained outdoors.  Delicate and mild-flavoured (a mixture of honeydew and cucumber!), pepinos are often eaten as a fresh snack fruit, though they combine very well with a number of other fruits as well.  Perennial but not frost hardy, so treat as an annual.

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