Blue Sausage Tree

Decaisnea fargesii

Deciduous shrub to 4m. Suitable for most soil types, but requires some moisture and a relatively sheltered spot. Full sun or part shade, possibly part shade may be better in Hawke’s Bay conditions. Self-fertile. Low maintenance. Frost hardy but new growth may be damaged by late frosts. Bears fruit like a bright blue sausage or broad bean. Peel skin and eat the gelatinous flesh/pulp around the seeds. The small black seeds can be removed or eaten. Said to have a slightly sweet delicate melony flavour. Very ornamental during the growing season with bold foliage and decorative fruit. Unusual plant - a great talking point and a must-have for every kindergarten! The pod skins also contain latex and can be used as a rubber source. Size PB8.  Approx height 60cm.

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