Tamarillo Tree (Tree Tomato)

Price: $ 15.00

Solanum betaceum 

Fast growing tree growing to 5m in height. Requires moist soils especially during the growing season. Roots are shallow and make the tree susceptible to strong winds.  Ornamental/good landscaping possibilities from the tropical look of the plant.  Large tropical looking leaves with a pungent smell. Clusters of fragrant pink-white flowers followed by clusters of shiny red fruit which droop from the tree. At maturity (4 years) yield can be 15-20kg of fruit. Self fertile but can benefit from cross pollination. Grows well where citrus grows well. Only tolerates the slightest of frosts so will require covering in some areas during winter, or can be grown in a large pot under an eave. The  fresh fruit is high in Vitamin C and potassium and can be processed into juice or puree, grilled, baked or poached.  It is also high in pectin so suitable for preserves.


$15 11cm pot, approx 40cm high.   $22 PB8 (approx 4 litre), approx 70cm high. Certified Organic Plant

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