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Large Fruited Haw

Price: $ 25.00

Crateagus ellwangeriana

Also known as Scarlet Hawthorn. Hardy deciduous shrub tolerant of most soils and sites including extremes of very wet and very dry, strong winds and atmospheric pollution. Heavy yields of fruit which can be up to 25mm in diameter and has acid-sweet flesh reminiscent of a slightly mealy apple. It can be eaten raw, cooked, or dried, and alone or blended with other fruit it can be processed into jams, jellies, wines, fruit leathers etc. It is high in pectin so is a useful addition to low pectin fruits to sid jam setting. The young leaves in spring are also edible. Hawthorn is of the best known plants in western herbalism, the flowers, leaves and fruit are all used and have a specific action on the heart. Height to 6m, but can easily be kept pruned smaller. Watch out for a few large thorns on older branches. Makes a good hedgerow/shelter planting. PB8. 

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