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Multiflora Rose

Price: $ 18.00

Rosa multiflora

Deciduous scrambling shrub rose to 3-5m with large corymbs of small white to pink flowers flowed by many hips. Hips are smaller than Rugosa Roses (approx 7mm) but equally abundant and rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, and flavinoids. The flowers are also edible, the young shoots can be eaten cooked in spring, and the seeds, which are high in vitamin E, can be ground and added to other dry foods (take care to avoid the irritating hairs inside). Like all rose family plants all parts of the plant are astringent and good for the heart and circulation.  The slight bitterness of the hips and petals aid digestion.   Multiflora roses are very easy care, growing in sandy or clay soil, and are frost and drought hardy, but not as resistant to salt winds as Rugosa roses. They can also be used as an edible hedge or to climb up taller food forest trees e.g. nitrogen fixers. Full sun or light shade.  $18 PB8. Large grades reduced to $10.

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