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Pineapple Ground Cherry

Price: $ 6.50

Physalis pruinosa

Annual shrub related to tomatoes and more closely to cape gooseberries and tomatillos.  They are also sometimes known as golden berries (as are the cape gooseberries, indeed there is much confusion around the many different species in this genus). The fruits form in a lantern-like calyx or husk and should be harvested when the fruit is golden and the husk is brown and dry. We find these berries absolutely delicious, with a delicious acid-pineapple flavour, and our kids regularly raid the nursery for any sale plants which may have fruited, so get in quick! Use the berries raw or cooked, they great for fruit salads and lunch boxes. They are rich in phosphorus, vitamin B3 and C and also contain vitamins A, D, and K. Note that like other members of the Solanaceae family, all parts of the plants except the fruit are poisonous. Pineapple ground cherries require the same conditions for growing as tomatoes and cape gooseberries, ie. full sun, adequate water, and frost protection. Grows 60cm high by 60cm spread. 9cm pot. We also sell the perennial, though less tasty relative, the winter ground cherry.

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