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Red Chokeberry

Price: $ 35.00

Aronia arbutifolia

Deciduous, ornamental shrub with nutritious currant-sized berries in mid summer, native to eastern North America. Probably the most ornamental of the Aronia spp, with masses of pink tinged white flowers in spring and stunning Autumn colour of crimson-purple with orange highlights. However the berries are not as tasty or super nutritious as Aronia melanocarpa. The fruits are still high in anthocyanin, which may have an antioxidant effect and is being investigated for anti-cancer properties. Consumption of the fruit is also said to relieve gastritis and to help to excrete heavy metals, and both leaves and fruits have also been used to combat high blood pressure. Indigenous North Americans dried the fruit to make pemmican.  Wine, fruit leathers and tea can also be made from the fresh berries, whilst fruit tea can be made from them when dried.  Good for attracting bees, soil stabilizing, and excellent for chook forage! Height to 3m x 3m wide, good for low maintenance hedging. Suited to most soils types but requires some moisture.  Full sun or part shade, frost hardy - in fact if the berries are to be eaten raw they are probably better after a frost. Self-fertile. See also Aronia melanocarpa and Aronia prunifolia.

PB8 120/150 Certified Organic Plant

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