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Salad Burnet

Price: $ 7.50

Sanguisorba minor or Poterium sanguisorba
Old fashioned herb once popular in cooling drinks and herb vinegars, growing in a rosette-forming clump. The attractive nut cucumber flavour leaves add visual interest and flavour to salads and dressings.  They are best harvested when young and before the plant flowers. Salad burnet is also used medicinally to treat diarrhea and is said to be a very effective wound herb for stemming bleeding.  The plants are very drought hardy but keep them well watered if harvesting to eat otherwise the leaves become tough and bitter.  If planted approx 20cm apart the plants can be used as a reasonably effective ground cover and make good erosion control.  The plant accumulates iron.  The pink flowers are very attractive to bees. Height approx 20cm, 30cm when in flower. 9cm pot.

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