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Saponaria officinalis
Also known as ‘Bouncing Bet’, soapwort is an attractive hardy perennial groundcover herb with white-pink flowers, very useful for food forest/forest garden groundcover especially when combined with a lower growing species. It does have medicinal uses as an expectorant, and potentially as a cancer treatment but caution is strongly advised.  The plant also contain saponins - infuse fresh or dry leaves and root in warm water to make a gentle ‘soap’. This has been used in the past to clean delicate paintings and cloths such as the Bayeaux Tapestry.  Full sun or part shade.  Caution - may be invasive in moist soil, and do not plant near a pond as stems trailing into water may be poisonous to aquatic life. Height to 60cm when in flower, spread 60 - 100 cm. 9cm pot.

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