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Green Carpet

Price: $ 6.50

Herniaria glabra

Also known as Rupturewort, this densely mat-forming herb can be used as an alternative to grass, and also has medicinal uses! Low growing (4-6cm) and spreading to 30cm across, this herb is soft to walk on, evergreen, and can tolerate more foot traffic than alternatives such as chamomile lawn (though perhaps not continual foot traffic).  It is also tap rooted, making it more drought hardy, and the flowers are very insignificant and do not attract bees. It is not fussy about soil and will happily grow in poor soil and gravel, and tolerates full sun or part shade. The tiny leaves are a glossy vibrant green most of the year, becoming bronze or red colored in winter adding even more interest. Great for replacing water-thirsty lawns, growing in rock gardens, between flagstones etc. Medicinally the plant is more often known as Rupturewort and has been used as a diuretic and for chest complaints, as well as to make healing poultices. 9cm pot. (Can be grown in plugs if bulk required - pls ask for a quote.)

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