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Greengage or Gage Seedling Plum

Price: $ 24.00

Prunus domestica ssp italica

These delicious green and yellow plums are some of our favourite orchard fruit with a rich full flavour, and their ripening is eagerly anticipated by the kids every year. Many people are surprised at their sweetness, which rivals any red plum, and although we happily devour most of the crop raw, it is one of the few fruits I bother making into jam, as it has such a glorious taste and texture. These plants are grown from seed, not grafted and will have a more natural shape than a grafted tree, but you can prune to any shape. We have not pruned them at all in the nursery. Gages come true or close to true to type when grown from seed but some natural variation may occur, so no two trees will be exactly the same. These have been grown from both yellow and green gages. More than one gage, or a European Plum or Cherry Plum (but not Japanese Plum) is needed for pollination. Flowering times must overlap for pollination to occur.

PB8 Approx height 70-90cm Certified Organic Plant

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