Kailaan (Chinese Broccoli/Chinese Kale)

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Essentially a leaf vegetable with thick, flat, glossy green-blue leaves Kailaan (or kai-laan or gai-laan) is also grown for its edible slender broccoli-like buds and especially the succulent stems. Widely used in Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine, it is prepared like pak choi, e.g. steamed or stir fried with garlic, ginger and soy or oyster sauce, or used in soups. Harvest the top stalk when it reaches 25-30cm and 2-3 flowers are open. After cutting the top, the plant branches freely for an extended harvest, and can be cut repeatedly. After the first autumn frosts cut the plant again right down to 5cm and it will resprout in spring.  9cm pot containing at least three certified organic plants.

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