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Solomon's Seal

Price: $ 9.50

Polygonatum multiflorum
Herbaceous rhizomatous perennial known for its beautiful arching stems of pendulant white tubular flowers which are attractive to bees. The multiflorum species has more flowers in each cluster than other species of Solomon's Seal, hence the name. It is less known as an edible, but the new spears in spring are sweet and tender and absolutely delicious!  OMG was the reaction we got from the kids when they first tried them! We eat them raw but they can also be cooked like asparagus. To harvest just cut them off at ground level when they are 20-30cm high. The roots are also edible, they can be dug in autumn and dried. However they should be boiled with three changes of water before being eaten. They are probably best treated as a famine food. The mature leaves and the berries which follow the flower should not be eaten as they can be extremely toxic.

Solomon's Seal has also been used medicinally for centuries as a poultice, salve or infusion. Its virtues include stimulating tissue repair to heal wounds, bruises and bones, relieving dry coughs, treating chronic dysentery, diarrhea and hemorrhoids, and aiding with women's complaints such as PMS.

The plants spread slowly, making a great ground cover for a shady spot, but die down completely in winter. They prefer moist, humus rich soil in full or part shade, but can handle some dry once established. Height to 80cm when in flower. 9cm pot.

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