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Greater Burnet

Price: $ 9.50

Sanguisorba officinalis

Clump-forming rhizomatous herbaceous perennial of grassland areas and grassy banks. Its extensive root system can be used to stablise banks and it has also been used as a soil remediator. Greater Burnet, like Salad Burnet, has attractive feathery pinnate leaves and egg shaped bobble-headed crimson flowers atop long slender stems, creating an airy natural feel. Grown en masse these flowers are very striking. The young leaves and flower buds can be used as a vegetable raw or cooked and have a mild cucumber flavour. The fresh or dried leaves can also be used as a tea substitute. Both leaves and roots have medicinal properties.  The herb has been used medicinally in Europe for 2000 years, and is also important in Chinese medicine (known as Dan-Yi). It is used to cool the blood, stem blood flow, and heal wounds (the genus name comes from the Latin words sanguis meaning blood and sorbeo meaning to soak up). It was drunk by soldiers before battle in the hope that any wounds would heal quicker. It can also be used externally to treat burns, sores and skin diseases such as eczema, and internally for diarhorrea and dystentry. Grows in full sun or part shade and prefers moisture - keep watered through dry spells. Very frost hardy. Ht 1m when in flower. 9cm pot. Certified Organic Plant.

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