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Mountain Mahogany

Price: $ 30.00

Cercocarpus betuloides (syn. Cercocarpus montanus glaber)
Evergreen shrub or small tree up to 5m tall, also known as Mountain Mahogany because of its reddish colour wood which is extremely hard. Dark green birch-like leaves, clusters of small fragrant flowers and silky, curled feather-like seed tails.  A Californian native so it is drought tolerant and suitable as a hedge for seaside gardens.  Plant in full sun or part shade.  Can fix nitrogen, and flowers are attractive to bees.  Bunches of the tied stems can be used as rough brooms.  A red to brown dye can be obtained from the root bark.  The roots and the bark have been used in the treatment of stomach complaints. 

PB8 Approx height 80 - 160 cm. Certified Organic Plant.

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