Peanut Schronce Deep Black

Price: $ 6.50

Arachis hypogoea

Dark purple-black peanut often having 3 or 4 seeds per shell.  Easy to grow and prolific producer with stronger, sweeter flavour than red skinned nuts. Useful companion in the garden as it fixes nitrogen.

Plant into very well cultivated soil with a final spacing of about 30cm. As plants emerge and begin to flower, the pods bury themselves in the ground and swell. It can be useful to cultivate the soil around base of the plant to allow for easier penetration of the vegetative peg that protrudes down from the flower to the surface of the ground.

It takes about 120 to 140 days for the crop to mature. As the plants begin to yellow and wither, they should be ready to harvest. Peanuts can be removed from the plant and washed at this time before drying or can be left on the plant for drying. 

Plants are available in 9cm pots.

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