Brussels Sprouts Long Island

Price: $ 3.90

Brassica oleracea gemmifera

Upright plants perfect for interplanting (e.g. with quick maturing lettuce) - space plants 60cm apart. Brussels sprouts need up to 6 months to mature and are said to taste better after a frost, so plants are available from December to February.  They will need netting or spraying with Bt to protect from cabbage white butterflies.  Sprouts mature over several weeks from the lower to the upper part of the stalk; harvest the largest buds first. Stimulate formation of the sprouts by pulling off the leaves below each sprout.  Like other brassicas, brussels sprouts are extermely nutritous and are said to have anti-cancer properties.  They are best steamed or stir-fried to retain their nutrients. We like them mixed with other winter vegetables and smothered with cheese sauce, or with a good old roast dinner. If you detested them as a child, do re-visit them, you might surprise yourself!  Punnet of 6 plants.

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