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Garlic Mustard

Price: $ 7.50

Alliaria petiolata
Biennial herb in the mustard family. Produces large leaf mass throughout the first year, plentiful for salads, soups, stir fries and green smoothies. The leaves have a mild garlic taste which is released by crushing them. In the second year the plant throws up a tall flower head followed by seeds. both of which are edible. The second year roots can also be dug and used like horseradish - they are spicy! The leaves are very nutritious and the plant has also been used medicinally as a disinfectant and diuretic. the plant is also said to be good for stabilising banks for erosion control. Full sun. Ht to 20cm in first year (rosette of leaves) then up to 1.5m in second year when flowering.

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