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25 March 2020 – We’re still open for business – we think!

Yesterday our courier confirmed ongoing services; they have their own procedures in place to limit transmission of the virus, so we’re still able to send out orders.  However today we heard that unless we are classed as an essential service they may not pick up, so, like many, we are awaiting confirmation. Obviously if we do deliver, we’d advise you to wash your hands well after receiving the package.

We have already received an increase in demand as people are trying to stock their gardens, and we will meet it as best we can though of course there is an inevitable turnaround time for growing plants. We are also looking at growing more annual vege seedlings again for people and will get these up on the website as soon as we can. We’d welcome any feedback on what we can help you with.

Here we’ve asked our staff to stay home for the time being and I will keep things ticking over in the nursery myself. I am however still praying for some rain so I can spend less time watering! Although we’re used to having the kids around home in the holidays and when they’re sick, we’ll be adjusting to a home schooling regime but looking forward to it in many ways too. First day at home yesterday and the girls leapt in to help with printing invoices at 8 o’clock in the morning and then packing plants for the courier! Then they whipped up a batch of pikelets for morning tea, followed by a delivery round dropping leaflets in local letterboxes to make sure everyone is on our local google group and people in the community can contact and support each other. Then they did an online PE lesson followed by some reading and writing. Let’s hope the motivation keeps up!

So we can’t complain, life could certainly be worse. We do thank our lucky stars that we have all we need here, including a business where I can work from home. We have worked hard over the years to make ourselves as resilient as possible, anticipating an earthquake as the most likely disaster, and so we are well resourced, and we have great neighbours and a great community too, both local and permaculture.

We do send our aroha and support to all our customers and wider community, and our sympathy to those at the frontline or more severely affected – kia kaha everyone.


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