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26 August – Back in Stock soon!


We’ve got to the stage where we have sold out of so many products and do understand the frustration and disappointment that this may cause. This is mainly due to not being able to have staff here during lockdown, which was a key seasonal time for propagation. Add to that higher demand for products during lockdown and thereafter, the fact that many of our perennials are winter dormant and out of stock then anyway, and a couple of big farm projects on the go, and you’ll understand that by the end of that the shelves were just about empty! But we have our spring crew back in the nursery and have been building up stocks again, and doing massive amounts of sowing. Most of our perennials and shrubs will be coming back on line through September and October, although others will be later, and many trees out of stock now will not be ready again until autumn. Please bear with us, we are working hard to get your plants ready.  And we hope to bring you not just our normal range of plants, but an even wider variety this year. We have already increased our tree area by 50% and we are in the process of expanding our perennials area too!

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