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27 March – It’s a ‘no’ to online sales for now, sorry:(

So we still find ourselves amid some confusion. The nursery industry has been classed as an essential service, however we are only supposed to be performing the most basic of tasks in order to keep our plants alive, basically irrigating and feeding. Because I am working from home by myself, luckily I can still continue to propagate and do other things the larger nurseries are not allowed to be doing, as I pose no risk. Couriers are only allowed to carry freight from essential services, which we are included in, but as our operations are limited, it seems that we are not allowed to continue to retail, although some other nurseries are. Mmmm. Anyway, our plants will be quite happy sitting growing here for a few weeks, I’m home to take care of them and keep growing future batches, and hopefully you”ll all continue to support us post-lockdown.

So let’s find some positives:

  • you have more time to prepare your garden beds
  • you have more time to browse our website and choose the best plants for your site
  • hopefully we’ll get some rain over the next month and the ground will be moister
  • Autumn is a great time to plant perennials, and it’s still Autumn for another two months!

And for me:

  • more time outside in the nursery and garden, less time on the computer doing admin
  • having said that, more time to update the website with some new plant varieties coming through
  • but most of all time to hang out with Aaron and the kids, play games, go slow, enjoy the peace and quiet, the change of pace, doing what I want when I want, more time for home baking, making sauerkraut, dreaming, planning…..oh no, the 4 weeks is going to go so fast, how am I going to fit all that in?!!!
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