Kahikatea Farm supplies top quality organic Living Microgreens to customers ranging from health-conscious domestic households to award winning winery restaurants.

What are microgreens?

Microgreens are tiny plants with just their first set of leaves. They are bigger than sprouts but smaller than baby salad leaves. Despite their small size they are full of flavour, and a mix of microgreens will give you a fantastic burst of tastes, colours, textures and shapes. Many sources also claim the nutritional benefit is much higher than eating the equivalent vegetable itself. Microgreens are perfect for enhancing salads, soups, main dishes or as a garnish.

Our living microgreens – fresh and plastic free!

Cut microgreens sold in plastic packaging quickly lose their flavour and robustness. However, our microgreens are sold fresh in the punnet – they are still alive and growing, so you can just ‘snip and serve’ them 100% fresh. Better still, these growing punnets are 100% home compostable, so there is absolutely no plastic waste from either punnets or packaging.

Our range

Many of our living microgreens are certified organic, and all are grown organically.  Our wide range includes basil, beetroot, broccoli, cress, kale, pea feathers, red cabbage, rocket, radish, mustard, amaranth, fennel, fenugreek and lemon sorrel – see our brochure below for the full range.

Grown to order

All our microgreens are grown to order, and preferably to a standing order – please note you cannot order them directly through the website. Please download our brochure below and select the varieties you wish, then send us an email to place your order. A lead-in time is required for growing, and then your microgreens will be shipped weekly on Mondays or Tuesdays from then on.


Jo holding microgreens





Photo Gallery – our microgreens add the ‘finishing touch’!

Beef cheek, celeriac, parmesan

Scallop, carrot miso, sesame

Raw market fish, coconut fresh herbs topped with microgreens