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17 March 2020 – New website up and running!

What a long journey this has been! The bulk of the work for this new website was done over Autumn and Winter 2019. But then suddenly it was Spring, which means my life is totally ruled by the nursery, and not a moment spare to do anything – not tend to a garden, barely to tend to the kids even, and certainly not to do extra projects. Then Christmas, then our first proper holiday for ten years,….. then finally time to get back into it. I’ve spent hours on end transferring and updating information, researching and editing, sifting through over a thousand photos, waiting for plants to flower to snap their picture,  naming and cataloguing images…and finally we’re ready to hit the launch button! There is still more to do – we want to bring you more detailed information about each plant, but that will be a gradual process.

We hope you enjoy what we are offering so far. I didn’t want this to be a two-dimensional website, or a click-without-thinking shopping cart. I hope that you feel like you are coming to the farm when you come to the website, that you can feel the atmosphere, breathe the fresh air, literally smell the roses! I hope you can feel our passion for the plants and for the permaculture systems we have in mind when we offer them in our catalogue. We don’t want to lose the wonderful dialogue we’ve had with customers over the years, who have had to place their order within a normal email, and hence have taken the opportunity to tell us about their exciting planting projects, share recipes of unusual produce, sometimes even offer us plants they have grown! But due to the volume of enquiries we do need to streamline the process somehow. We have managed to install a ‘kōrero mai’ field on the order form so you can tell us about your project or ask whatever you need to ask, and of course you can also still just email us.

Finally I need to thank the people who have helped to get this website up and running. Wendy and Michael at Ascona, our webhosts, who have been very accommodating with our requests. Jenni Coulson and Kim Alves who have done some wonderful graphic design for us. Jo Heperi and Haana Wilcox for helping to improve my fledgling te reo Māori. And my amazing daughters Anna and Eliza who cut and pasted all 300-odd plants across from the old website format, helped with other bits of editing, and have been a constant source of encouragement. Coming home from school they’d ask how many plants i’d done that day, and tell me ‘Well done Mummy, you’re doing so well!’ What a beautiful thing that is.

Ngā mihi maioha ki a koutou – thank you all so much.

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