Glechoma hederacea

Also known as Ground Ivy or Creeping Charlie, this low growing stoloniferous perennial is a member of the mint family and hails from Eurasia but has naturalized worldwide, carried by European settlers.  Used fresh, the plant is considered edible and nutritious in salads, and may be steamed as a potherb.  It also has been used traditionally as a medicine to treat eye infections, colds, flu, and congestion. Reportedly excellent for clearing up post-nasal drip.  It also used to be used in beer making (hence the name Ale – hoof) to flavour, clarify and preserve the brew but fell out of use as hops gained popularity. A great groundcover plant, forming a dense mat, suitable for part shade or full sun, prefering some moisture and normal to acid soil. Flowers, like all those of this family, are edible and very attractive to bees. 9cm pot. Certified organic plant.