Arbutus Unedo


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Arbutus unedo
Also known as Irish Strawberry Tree or simply Strawberry Tree.  Dense evergreen shrub from the Mediterranean.  Grows to 5–10m in height, with a trunk diameter of up to 80cm. Leaves are dark green and glossy, with a serrated margin. The hermaphrodite bell-shaped flowers are white and pollinated by bees. Produces a red fruit, 2cm diameter, with a rough surface. The fruit is edible, raw or cooked, and is sweet but can be a little bland.  It contains about 20% sugars and can be used to make delicious and nourishing jams and preserves or made into wines or liqueurs. The bark can be used for tanning leather. The trees are extremely good for attracting tui to your garden.

Certified organic plant in PB5. Height 50-70cm

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