Withania somnifera
Also known as Withania and Indian Ginseng. This short shrub with long, brown, tuberous roots (the part used medicinally) is commonly said to be the single most important herb in Ayurvedic medicine. Medical herbalist Richard Whelan lists the following wide-ranging uses of the herb and notes how safe its use is:

~ promoting learning and memory
~ inflammatory conditions such as rheumatism, bronchitis, asthma and psoriasis
~ Arthritis and painful joints in general
~ Improving stamina in athletes
~ Improving libido (sexual energy) in males and females
~ promoting growth in children
~ improving blood cell health including iron levels
~ helping in the treatment of high cholesterol or diabetes
~ helping convalescence after illness or prolonged stress
~ enhancing immune function and for low white blood cell counts
~ for helping with insomnia


The fruit can be used as a soap substitute. Aerial parts of the plant may be toxic.  Enjoys full sun or part shade on free-draining soil in a dryish spot.  Frost tender but can be overwintered inside.  Height to 75cm.

Certified organic plant.

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