Basket Willow Purple




Salix purpurea

Hardy deciduous multi-stemmed shrub from 2-5 m tall with slender blue-green leaves. Excellent for basketry and weaving, in which case the plants should be cut to the ground each year in order to provide pliable stems the following year. Willows also have medicinal uses (the source of aspirin), and are a useful component of wastewater treatment systems, soil stabilisation and phyto-remediation schemes, as the plants are said to take up heavy metals and other toxic substances. Willow branches can also be chopped and soaked in water for 24 hours to make a rooting hormone for cuttings. Willows provides excellent bee food in early spring for rearing brood. Requires a sunny spot and moist soils, and will tolerate very wet soils and periodic flooding. Do not plant near buildings or drains as roots can be invasive.

Main photo: Kahikatea Farm

Multi-stem foliage:

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11cm Pot, PB5 (equiv 3 litre)

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