Black Mulberry



Morus nigra
Very long lived deciduous, ornamental and shade tree growing to a height of up to 10m with a deep rooting system. Fast growing when young, then very slow growing. Produces drupes of delicious 2-3cm purple/black fruit in early summer. Well drained soil, fairly drought-hardy once established but prefers water during fruiting. Self-fertile. Low maintenance, frost hardy and unfussy. The juicy and refreshing fruit can be eaten raw or cooked, made into jams, cordials and wine, and used for colouring and flavouring.  The fruit, leaves and bark have many medicinal uses including for colds, flu, eye infections and  toothache.  Fibre can be made from the bark, dye from the fruit and leaves, and the wood can be used for joinery.

Can be planted next to walnuts to buffer the negative effects of the walnut roots on other plants. The trees can also be grown for leaf production as well as fruit – mulberry leaves are used as a cooked vegetable in many parts of the world. If growing for the leaves, trees can be pollarded (cut back at shoulder height) every 1-4 years. They should ideally be underplanted with nitrogen fixing ground cover to help feed them.  The leaves are also very palatable for stock and can be used as supplementary feed, and chooks relish the fruit.

Certified organic plant. PB5.  Approx height 90 – 110 cm.

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