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Sedum reflexum syn Petrosedum reflexum

Also known as Blue Spruce Stonecrop, Crooked Yellow Stonecrop, Jenny’s Stonecrop, Reflexed Stonecrop and Stone orpine

Evergreen ground-hugging mat-forming  perennial with bluish-green leaves somewhat reminiscent of a spruce. Clusters of luminous yellow star shaped flowers appear through summer creating a stunning display. This is a low maintenance vigorous grower which will provide great groundcover in hot dry spots, or looks fabulous cascading from a pot or spilling over rock walls. Perfect for xeriscaping and gravel gardens, this plant enjoys well drained, poor soils and full sun although it will tolerate part shade. Thrives mostly on neglect but may need the off top up of water in summer.

The leaves (and also stems and tubers) of all sedums are edible, with a mild peppery, slightly bitter flavour. We find this species quite good as  a crunchy great addition to salads. Apparently yellow flowered types are better sauted, however.  Although not poisonous, eating large quantities may cause stomach upsets.

Stonecrops are also all good bee and butterfly attractors and due to the water held in their leaves can contribute to providing a good firebreak. See this article about the California bushfires.

Height to 15cm when in flower. Frost and drought hardy.

9cm pot. Certified organic plant.

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