Arctium lappa
Also known as Greater Burdock and Gobo, this is a tap rooted vegetable with large edible leaves (use like spinach). Immature flower stalks may also be harvested in late spring, before flowers appear. The taste resembles that of globe artichoke, a burdock relative. The roots are eaten raw or cooked and may grow deeper than 1 metre. They are very crisp with a sweet, mild, and pungent flavor with a little ‘muddy harshness’ that can be reduced by soaking julienned/shredded roots in water for five to ten minutes.They are a main ingredient in the dandelion and burdock drink from the British Isles, which is made from the fermented roots of both plants and has been drunk since the Middle ages. In Japan the fermented root  is also used for making miso and rice wine. It is known for its liver cleansing properties and is an important detoxifying herb in both Chinese & western medicine. Prefers a fresh, worked soil, rich in humus, in full sun. Biennial. 9cm pot. Certified organic plant.

Main photo: pxfuel.com

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