Chinese Yellow Wood



Maackia amurensis (syn. Amur maackia)

Very hardy, ornamental, deciduous nitrogen-fixing tree to 10-15m tall. Short main trunk splits into many arching, spreading branches. New growth is attractive silvery blue-grey. Creamy-white vanilla scented, pea-like flowers in dense clusters in mid-summer. Burgundy copper bark peels like birches. Suited to most soil types, including variable extremes but they have not performed well for us in Hawke’s Bay without irrigation. Full sun. Frost hardy. Tolerates some wind but not extreme. Rare in NZ, worthy of wider use. The very strong valuable hard wood can be used for fence posts, house interiors, utensils, tool handles etc.  Its nitrogen fixing properties may promote the growth of nearby plants.  The young leaves are edible when cooked.  An excellent shade tree.

Size PB5.  Approx height 50 – 100cm.

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