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Allium tuberosum

Attractive clump forming perennial which, unlike common chives, does not die down in winter.  The flat leaves have a mild garlic flavour and can be eaten raw or cooked.  The pretty white flowers smell faintly of roses and can be used in salads or cooked. Roots can be eated raw or cooked and an edible oil is obtained from the seed. Garlic chives are used for various ailments in Chinese medicine. The whole plant is antibacterial, cardiac, depurative, digestive, stimulant, stomachic and tonic. It is an anti-emetic herb that improves kidney function.

Said to be a good companion plant for roses, preventing black spot and repelling aphids), carrots (making them larger and sweeter) beet, and apple trees (preventing black spot). However it should not be grown near legumes.  Chives are also mineral accumulators of sodium and calcium.

Relatively drought tolerant plant for full sun or pat shade, tolerant of a wide range of soil types and situations. Height to 45cm. 9cm pot. Certified organic plant.

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