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Mentha x piperata ‘Chocolate Mint’

Selected strain of peppermint with a hint of chocolate flavour and scent. Excellent for culinary use – try it in chocolate cakes, fruit salads or with strawberries. Peppermint is a naturally occurring cross between watermint and spearmint. It is a herbaceous rhizomatous perennial plant that grows to be 30–90 cm tall, with red stems and leaf veins which distinguish it from other mints.

Peppermint is among the oldest herbs used for both culinary and medicinal products and is known in particular for its ability to aid digestion. It has also shown health benefits for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), nausea, skin conditions, headaches, cold, and flu but can interact with some medicines and is not advised for people with gastrointestinal problems.  Chinese peppermint is derived from Mentha haplocalyx, but contains the same active compounds menthol and menthonen, and can be used in the same ways.  Peppermint is commonly used as a flavouring in food and other products e.g. toothpaste, and makes a refreshing tea. It is safe for children to drink 2-3 cups of peppermint tea per day, and is an easy one for them to harvest. It can also be used to help soothe their tummy aches and in the bath to ease skin itchiness.

The purple flowers produce much nectar for bees.   Peppermint is also said to repel mice and rats and can be grown near areas where grain is stored.  Thrives in moist shady locations but the roots may become invasive if not contained.  The plant accumulates magnesium and potassium.  Like other mints it can be invasive so grow in a pot to contain it.

Certified organic plant in 9cm pot.

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