Crimson Clover




Trifolium incarnatum

Also known as Italian, French, and German – take your pick!! Clover, this is an annual nitrogen fixing clover. It forms a dense rosette of stems which grow  quickly to a height of 50cm+, followed by the most stunning elongated (to 5cm) red flowers, beloved by bees and other beneficial insects. Crimson Clover can be used as a nitrogen-rich biomass for chopping and dropping to mulch your garden, or protein-rich fodder for your stock or poultry. The flowers are edible raw in salads or dried for tea, and the seeds, should you wish to collect them, can be used to make sprouts or dried and ground to make flour. A fabulous all round companion plant, and a reliable self-seeder for next season.

9cm pot. Certified organic plant.

Contact us for bulk pricing of 30+ plants in 7cm pots

Freight: We can send up to 9 plants this size (in 9cm pots) for the same freight price or they can be combined with other grades but this will incur higher freight costs.

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