Hemerocallis fulva

Hardy clumping perennial suitable for most sites – very easy care.

All parts are edible. The young shoots can be cooked as a celery or asparagus substitute. The flower buds and open flowers can be eaten raw (a great addition to salads), or cooked, or dried – pick when already withered. They can be used to thicken soups and stews. The young tubers are said to have a nutty flavour. The plant is also used for medicinal purposes in China and Korea, with a host of different uses. In China it is known as  huanghuacai (meaning yellow flower vegetable). It is said to be a mildly “cold” herb that benefits the stomach, improves digestion, and dispels pathogenic heat and dampness. The leaves are said to be effective in aiding brain function, soothing nerves, and relieving sleeplessness and irritation, giving rise to another common name , Wangyoucao, meaning “Herb for forgetting your sorrows”.

When planted close together the plants can form a good ground cover, and the leaves can also be used woven together to make a strong cord. This type of daylily is perennial in our climate, note that some varieties are winter dormant. NOTE – Actual flower colour may vary from the pictures shown – they range from cream through yellow and orange to red.

11cm pot.

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