Dwarf Peach



What a stunner! These are the most asked after tree on visits to our farm. They are perfect for small gardens and can even be grown in containers. Beautiful form, lush green leaves virtually all year round, resistant to peach leaf curl, stunning pink blossoms in early spring followed by more fruit than you could think possible from such a small tree. We grow ours in wine barrels with minimal irrigation as well as in our clay soil and they are star performers. These plants are seed grown, not named varieties, but all the ones we have planted have turned out just as fantastic as their parents. These plants should bear fruit in 2-3 years, most likely at the end of January/early February, ripening over 2-3 weeks. The trees need minimal maintenance, they keep their leaves until early spring when they dispense with the old, and grow new ones at the same time as the blossoms form. Sometimes they get a touch of peach leaf curl but these leaves drop and are quickly replaced by new healthy ones. Ours have never been sprayed. Fruit can be thinned if desired, resulting in larger fruit. Often we don’t bother – lunchbox sized peaches are very handy! Trees grow to a height of 1.5 – 2m and form a low but very dense canopy which means the fruit often remains hidden from the birds.

Certified Organic Plant

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