European Hazel



Corylus avellana

Small deciduous tree 4-6m tall with very edible hazel nuts in March followed by yellow autumn leaves. Suited to all soil types including extremes. Full sun or partial shade. Frost hardy. Easy to grow. Tolerant of winds except coastal exposure. Nominally self fertile, however production will tend to be very low unless you have a pollinator. As our plants are seed grown they are genetically different and can cross pollinate each other.

Hazelnuts can be eaten raw or roasted, or used in bread, cakes, pastries etc. Dried nuts store for at least a year.  Milk can be obtained from the nuts as well as oil for salad dressings, baking etc. The bark, leaves and catkins can be used medicinally, as can the oil which is used for the treatment of worms in children.  Finely ground nuts can be used for face masks.  Good for hedging, coppicing fuel, dowsing rods for water divining, basketry and charcoal for art work. The nuts are relished by livestock and when ground up form a good feeding meal.

Size PB8.  Approx height 120 cm. Certified Organic Plant.

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