Goldenrod (Solidago) European



Solidago virgaurea

European Goldenrod is a tall herbaceous perennial with a mass of yellow flowers from mid-late summer onwards.  Widespread across most of Europe as well as North Africa and northern, central, and southwestern Asia it is an adaptable and easy to grow herb, not to mention a beautiful addition to the flower garden. Leaves are smoother and more rounded and the flowers are more daisy-like and appear earlier than the Canadian Goldenrod.

Goldenrod is a gentle medicinal herb for treating wounds, urinary infections, coughs and flu. It is also particularly noted for attracting beneficial insects like ladybirds, lacewings and hoverflies, along with monarch butterflies.

Goldenrod can also be used to obtain dyes – mustard, orange and brown colours from the whole plant and a yellow dye from the leaves and flowers.

Sun or part shade. Suitable for most soil types but benefits from regular feeding.  Height to 100cm when in flower.

Certified organic plant.

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