Himalayan Strawberry Tree



Cornus capitata

Small, ornamental evergreen tree in the Dogwood family. Produces small fruits which can be eaten raw or cooked, made into jam or fruit leathers. The skin is bitter but the pulp can be tasty if harvested when very soft.  The bark is said to have medicinal uses. Timber is good for tool making, and firewood.

Height 4-6m with grey-green leaves, white summer flowers and late autumn fruit.  Attractive to birds.  Suited to most soil types including heavy clay, but moisture required. Sun or part-shade, but in Hawke’s Bay part-shade is probably preferable. Frost hardy once established.  Tolerant of coastal winds. Self fertile.

Please note these have a tendency to be weedy in northern parts of the country so are not recommended for Northland, Auckland and BoP.

Size PB8.  Approx height 120cm

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Photos: Kahikatea Farm