Judas Tree White



Cercis silaquastrum var alba

Hardy deciduous nitrogen fixing tree to 12m, with a rounded crown and a spread of up to 10m. Extremely ornamental tree with a prolific display of bright white flowers appearing in spring directly on the branches of one year old wood and older, and even along the trunk. The attractive heart-shaped leaves start to appear after the flowers. The flowers are edible raw or pickled, and are also highly attractive to bees. They are followed by pendulant seedpods which are also very ornamental, often hanging on the tree long into winter. Some sources say the seed can be eaten raw. Suitable for a range of soil types and full sun or part shade. Relatively drought hardy but some moisture or part shade preferred in areas with hot summers.

PB5 Approx height 60cm  Certified Organic Plant

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Photo credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Cercis_siliquastrum_alba.jpg

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