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Alchemilla mollis

Attractive old-fashioned herbaceous mounding perennial. The distinctive scalloped leaves collect droplets of dew which glisten in the sun – it was thought in the past that these droplets were the purest form of water and might turn base metals into gold – the name alchemilla is related to the word ‘alchemy’. Clusters of yellow flowers are borne from mid summer to autumn. Makes a beautiful edge to a path or flower bed.

The leaves are edible and can be eaten raw or cooked but are somewhat dry and astringent. The plant is more known for its medicinal uses such as stopping bleeding wounds and, particularly as a lady’s herb, being used in the treatment of menstrual pain & irregularities. It can also be used for stomach problems, mild diarrhea, diabetes, water retention, swelling (inflammation), and muscle spasms. The flowers can be dried and used in winter teas as their astringent properties are good for sore throats. The pressed juice of the leaves or a poultice of the leaves can also be used to treat wounds and skin problems.

Easy to grow in partial shade or sun, and supposedly tolerant of dry shade but additional watering may be required in drought.  Very attractive ground cover underplanting for trees.  Height to 50cm. 9cm pot. Certified organic plant.

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